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Effortlessly track the availability of your websites, servers and ports.
Keep track of your CronJobs in a timely manner to make sure they are actually running.
Status pages
Show your customers how you strive to keep your services 100% online.
Get to know when and how long your monitors become unavailable and get instant notifications.
Distributed monitors
Monitoring servers are located in over 10 regions worldwide to ensure that all your customers are satisfied.
CronJob monitoring
Monitor your CronJobs and Background Workers. Get alerted if they don't run correctly.
Easiest way to categorize your managed resources.
SSL Certificate & Domain name expiration
Track SSL certificates/domain names. Get notified prior to their expiration.
Unlimited notification
Email, Webhooks, Slack, Discord and Telegram, the choice is yours.
Built-in status page analytics
Every status page you create contains analytics that allow you to better understand your users.

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